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Why NOT to buy a Sony VAIO

When you buy a Sony product, you’d expect a funky looking quality product backed by a great customer service.
Well that’s what I had expected before a Sony VAIO VPCSB18GG – it had pretty sleek looks, good configuration and service center at a walking distance from my place.   A bit over priced, but being a Sony’s product and it’s premium range, it felts it’s worth the investment. But I’ve been in for a SHOCK!!  Over the past few months I have realised that Sony VAIO’s are un-tested, fragile pieces of equipment that’s been put together by Sony – probably Sony’s worst product line. To make things worse, the customer support that I’ve received has been out rightly disappointing – a bunch of irresponsible and un-concerned folks.

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Winds of change.. yet again !!

When I last wrote about my change from Wipro to HCL, little could I have imagined that this will be my shortest stint in any organisation. Yes, on Friday 15th April’11 I bid a final good bye to HCL.

And today I’ve joined the Real Story Group today as an Analyst to do what I used to love doing in my spare time – drill down into products and blog about them.

It’s just that I now need to find another hobby for my spare time.. or maybe I already have something in mind for that………. photography :-)

Winds of Change ..

After a seven year long stint with the Portals & Content Management (PCM) Practice at Wipro Technologies, it’s time to move on.

Time flies, specially when you look back in time!! It’s as if yesterday that I was walking down the Sarjapur Campus for my induction into Wipro. We were about 120 new joinees that day  – largest batch ever to join Wipro on a day. I look down the memory lane, and I see  found memories, some really great friends that I made during this journey.  It’s been an enriching experience – thanks to all with whom I got a chance to work. 

And now it’s time for a change !!

I’ve joined with HCL Technologies as a Global Technology Director – eCommerce & Solution Architecture. Looking forward to the exciting role .. :-)

What’s in The Name !!

It’s been a while since I started my blog – was just an impulsive decision so didn’t quite give a thought to the Blog Name – so just give it My Name.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of remaining my blog – this strictly being a professional blog, I wanted to change this to something that relevant to my interest & expertise.

Although I blog about Enterprise Architecture as well as Open Source, the two key focus areas are the Internet and the Content Management Streams. While the Web focus covers Portals, Mashups, eCommerce, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0,  Social Web, Social Computing, Digital Marketing,  etc , the Content focus cover DMS, WCM, RMS, DAM, etc .

Hope this make sense .. else What’s in the name – can change again ;-)

Open Source President

How the new America’s President Barack Obama manages to turn around the US economy is something for all of us to wait and watch for. But as far as Open Sources is considered, Obama just might trigger off the big tide that the Open Source community has been waiting for!!

The BBC reported that President Obama has asked former Sun CEO Scott McNealy to report the benefits of Open Source software. Seems like one tough & smart president who knows exactly what he wasn’t and how to get it.

He could face some lobbying from software giants like Microsoft, Oracle but then will have good reasons to make his point. And since the report is going to come from one of the strong advocates for Open Source – Scott McNealy, he expected to get plenty of ammunition support.

Irrespective of the outcome, it will give the Open Source market that extra push and focus; will attract the required funding to transform these products to enterprise class solutions. However it’ll then be up to the Open Source products vendors to prove their ability to deliver. Remember – only very few Open Source products have really matured so far.