Will WEMI achieve what JCR, CMIS & JSR 168 didn’t ?

Will WEMI achieve what JCR, CMIS & JSR 168 didn’t ?

I guess most of  you would agree with me when I say that the portal marketplace has pretty much matured – most portals vendors offer significantly similar features, and all the probable acquisitions have already taken place.
On the other hand, one of Portal’s complementary marketplaces has probably just hit puberty – Web Content Management (WCM). The WCM marketplace is  fast innovating and evolving into Web Experience Management (WEM) offerings. The WCM marketplace is also witnessing some significant  consolidations amongst large players in the space, in addition to the emergence of a large number for new and niche WCM players – both with open source as well as commercial offerings. While this adds a lot of excitement in the marketplace, this marketplace evolution posses several challenges for it’s customers. The most common one being The Product Selection – weather to continue with the current selection or switch to another product.

Today, the WCM / WEM customers also face the same challenge. OASIS – the standards organization is taking up a new initiative Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI). The objective of WEMI  is to facilitate interoperability amongst WCM vendors which will intern allow customers to move from once WCM vendor without having to worry about it’s integration with their existing systems including the delivery or publishing platform. To begin with, WEMI is intended to define a simple domain model as well as a feature set that should be commonly implemented by WCM/WEM Systems. Do keep in mind that WEMI is still under conceptualization, the initial meeting is scheduled to take place in mid Jan 2012, and the initial deliverables are expected to be delivered only in September 2012.
Interestingly Liferay – one of the key sponsors of OASIS WEMI Charter has already announced it’s support for the standard. Other key sponsors of WEMI include Nuxeo, SDL, Jahia, Adobe and Enonic.
Historically though similar attempts to develop and promote interoperability standards have had only limited success – standards like JSR 168, JCR and  CMIS. So it will be interesting to see if WEMI will be able to make a difference or have the same fate as of similar standards.

One thought on “Will WEMI achieve what JCR, CMIS & JSR 168 didn’t ?

  1. Adarsh

    WEMI will definaely give good boost to Open Source WCM(s) like Alfresco, Drupal & LifeRay..and this interoperability, no doubt, would turn up into more content management (CMS)oriented sites…

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