Microsoft Commerce Server – breaking off or just taking a pause

Microsoft Commerce Server – breaking off or just taking a pause

I was a bit surprised (but not shocked) when I read Mary-Jo Foley’s blog about Microsoft offloading it’s Commerce server.
Not shocked cause Microsoft commerce hasn’t been a particularly well recognised product offering in the eCommerce space. In my years of experience in the eCommerce space, I can count the number of time I’ve come across Microsoft Commerce Server. And given Microsoft’s lack of attention to the product, such a fate was inevitable.
A bit surprised cause Microsoft’s move to trim down it’s offering comes in a market scenario where other vendors are acquiring products to expand their overall product offerings; competition like Oracle and  IBM are  strengthening their eCommerce offering – Oracle acquired ATG while IBM acquired Sterling commerce.
Good or bad, an eCommerce offering is an important solution to have as part of ones’ portfolio – 1) it help you directly influencing customer’s top line revenues; 2) you would also end up in strong contender to address the numerous periphery services around the commerce solutions.
So is Microsoft really breaking off from the main stream commerce offering, or it it just taking a pause and making room for an eCommerce solution that it intends to acquire ??

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  1. Sanjeev Gupta

    Yes, that's part of the problem. Commerce server had never been one of the more successful products for Microsoft. Due to decreasing marker share and lowering revenues, the commerce server took a back seat in 2007 itself when it's development was outsourced to Cactus Commerce in 2007. It was then just a matter of time that Microsoft got rid of the product.

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