Is FatWire next in EMC’s acquisition spree ?

Is FatWire next in EMC’s acquisition spree ?

Over the past few years, the Enterprise Portals and Enterprise Content Management product vendor space has been witnessing an overall consolidation, through several mergers & acquisitions – noteworthy of these being IBM’s acquisition of FileNet; BEA’s acquisition of Plumtree and subsequent Oracle’s acquisition of BEA ; followed by Oracle’s acquisition of Stellent & now Sun.
In the very recent past, this trend has turned its focus to the  Web Content Management (WCM) space – the past few month have witnessed the acquisition of Two of the Three leading WCM vendors – First two being Interwoven which was acquired by Autonomy & Vignette – acquired by OpenText. The third and the strongest player being FatWire.

EMC on the other hand, despite being the leader in the ECM space, has failed to extend it’s supremacy in the WCM space. As a result it has lost WCM business to these vendors, specially FatWire. While it may or may not make business sense for EMC (customers WCM are relatively quite small compared to ECM ), from a technology offering perspective, is critical for EMC to improve its offerings. While ECM can overhaul the entire product itself, bear in mind that it is know for its long Mergers & Acquisitions history (50 +). So I won’t be surprised to see EMC acquire a product in the space. With Interwoven & Vignette already acquired and no more an options, FatWire seems to be the obvious choice.
While the rumors to this context have been around and we can add to that by speculating further, we have to see if FatWire is really up for acquisition; does it make business sense for EMC to acquire FatWire; would this happen before there’s another twist in the story ….

3 thoughts on “Is FatWire next in EMC’s acquisition spree ?

  1. Sanjeev Gupta

    I too typically would be concerned of FatWire's disappearance, but then I would think that EMC's primary objective of the acquisition would be improve it's WCM capabilities. So I would assume that EMC would look at sun setting their WCM tool in favor of FatWire WCM

  2. Nishant K

    This aquisition seems quite likely as EMC has come up with many new prducts on the other side like Taskspace, Centerstage (as replacement for eRoom). New products and improvements are also launched on DAM side of business like improved media workspace and improved UI on full DAM UI.
    But I have not seem EMC making integrations with analytics provider like Omniture, Webtrends or google analytics. OR improving the content delivery part including customer segmentation and personalization features. All it provides is the content platform to enable this but custom application needs to be built for the delivery.
    Lot of these limitations can be overcome by Fatwire product out of the box features. So definatly this acquisition makes a good technology and business case. !!

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