Jive with Jive SBS 4.0

Jive Software announced the released of Social Business Software (SBS) 4.0 on 28th Oct’09 during JiveWorld09 – the annual Jive Conference.
This new release comes with a few with a lot of great new feature like support for iPhone & Blackberry to create content and participate in discussions; enhancements to the Bridging module to allow employees to have a sustained, continuous & bidirectional dialogue with their customers; connectors for Microsoft Office; Analytics module etc.
I was looking forward to play around with it however I struggled over my entire last weekend to get it to work – did quite a few installs & uninstalls and finally gave up on it. After having given up on it for the time begin, i did some digging around on the support site only to find that 4.0 is not supported for the Windows platform & would have to wait for 4.0.1. I’ll have to either wait for the new release or test it on the Linux – which of course I don’t’ have at the moment & i don’t want to go through the pains of setting one either.
Lucky for me, the Jive team’s approached me and have offered to help by making a Linux demo environment available  !!
Look forward to it .. :-)

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