Whats next for ATG Portal users ?

Whats next for ATG Portal users ?

ATG is going full speed with its eCommerce suite & expanding it’s foot print in the eCommerce space : release on ATG 9 late last year followed by the early access release of the commerce suite 9.1 in June . On the other hand ATG has started de-focusing on the it Portal product & is maintaining a low profile on the product – it no longer features as an independent product on ATG website.

So it seems like that ATG will continue with it’s Portal product primarily for the eCommerce users enabling them leverage it’s portal platform and not having to looks out for a portal product from a different vendor. So I wouldn’t expect to see ATG competing in the Portal space anymore or see them coming up with vibrant New features in the portal.

While this is Great news for the ATG commerce community, ATG Portal users would have rethink there Portal strategy – to continue with ATG or plan to move to a platform that’ll keep up with the evolving market needs ..

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