Alfresco meets Joomla

Alfresco meets Joomla

Joomlatools a software development services org which specializes in Joomla and related technologies announced a Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) based the integration of Joomla and Alfresco.

Joomla users can now leverage the Alfresco content repository and ECM capabilities, while Alfresco users can use Joomla as the presentation layer for it’s content.

The Joomla module that facilitates this integration had been developed using the CMIS REST API. This could be an important step toward collaboration of Open Source product vendors – specially cause Joomla comes from the PHP world with rich Web Site development and Web Content Management capabilities, while Joomla comes from the Java world as on the leading Open Source Enterprise content management.

The challenge that enterprises may face would be cross leveraging there resources across diverse languages PHP & Java/J2EE.

An alternate solution in this space could be leveraging Jahia Web Content Management capabilities and ECM repository of Alfresco.

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables the building of Web sites and online applications.

Alfresco is the leading Open Source alternative for Enterprise Content Management – the only Open Source ECM product to have shown up in Gartners ECM Magic Quadrant.

CMIS has been a result of IBM, EMC & Microsoft joining hand to define the Web services based Standard for sharing information among disparate content repositories. Alfresco Software, Open Text, Oracle and SAP are the other ECM vendors who’ve joined this team.

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