End of Life for ATG Portal

End of Life for ATG Portal

I’ve not been a great fan of ATG portal – have worked on a couple of solutions around it and can’t say that I was too happy about it, specially when on has worked on products like IBM WebSphere portal.

That said the decision by ATG to discontinue ATG Portal has taken me by surprise. As per the recent ATG official announcement, amongst others products ATG Platforms – ATG 7 Platform and ATG 6 Platform (his includes the ATG Portal) will be supported only till 1st Nov 2009. During this period ATG will support its exiting customer with Support and Maintenance agreements, but will not guarantee resolution of any particular issue, especially if it involves a product defect.

2 thoughts on “End of Life for ATG Portal

  1. Andrew Rickard

    ATG invested heavily in the portal market in the hay days but since those days its found itself investing more and more in technology for eCommerce. No need to compete against the big boys and the portal marketplace was becoming a bit of a commodity just like the application server market did.<><>Just curious what turned you off from ATG portal?

  2. Sanjeev

    I’m not against ATG portal, but didn’t see it as a feature rich portal. Getting around it has been cumbersome and at time one had to go done to the core and modify the product for features that are available out of the box in other Portals. On the other hand the ATG eCommerce tool impresses me quite a bit.

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