Portal Vs CMS part 3

Portal Vs CMS part 3

When you are looking to deliver unstructured content to the users and already have a Portal product available to you

Most of the Portal products come with out of box portlets that can help you delivery basic CMS functionality like document management, versioning in addition to workflow capabilities and Web Content Management.

What you need to consider is

  • The Volume of Content that needs to be served & managed :

    • If you don’t have volumes of content to be managed, it is highly likely that the portal capabilities will suffice your requirements.

    • However if there is large volumes of content to be managed, which would typically mean that you’ll have various formats for contents to be managed (emails, faxes, audio video files, images etc.) you’ll be better off leveraging the CMS. And if you have to have a Portal too, use portal for presentation and let CMS handle the content.

  • Are you looking capabilities like content transformation, taxonomy & search, individual content security, versioning etc

    • If the answer is no, then you won’t really be leveraging the CMS.


Everything has a price, could be direct $$ or indirect $$ in terms of system or effort overhead. So in these scenarios don’t rush into investing into another product you don’t need one or abstain from it when you need one. Look at its direct & indirect cost and see what jells with your organisational strategy & the larger enterprise architecture.

3 thoughts on “Portal Vs CMS part 3

  1. apoorv

    Sanjeev – Nice series of blog posts. I think there is a lot of confusion in the market and there is a thin line that separates different applications. Your posts give a good overview about when to choose a CMS and when to choose a portal product.


  2. James Moore

    Thank you for clearing up the different over my 10 year of experience of dealing with cms and portal it has been very trying at times. I do have a question what about systems like Centralpoint by Oxcyon that are two in one CMS and portal are their any blogs on this? You can find the system @ http://www.oxcyon.com I’m share everyone would like to hear what you have to say about this.

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